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Thanks to all the people who have visited this site over the past 6 months. Response has been outstanding. I hope my own experience has in some way helped you in your own life, much the same way as I found reading others' experiences has helped mine. Life goes on though.. and expect some changes and updates as my views on nudism change..

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This page contains text based notes on specific subjects and common questions raised about Nudism by people who are curious about "clothing optional" lifestyle. It's the sort of thing you download, print out and leave in the bathroom, to read at your leisure as time permits. The sort of thing that can get us thinking. Enjoy.


Kinda speaks for itself.. welcome to the world of Clothes Optional Living

My own Experience
A description of what I went through in 1998 which led to an introduction to
Clothing Optional public life.. as opposed to a private one which I had ages before.

River Island Nature Retreat - NSW Australia
Just what happens at a Clothing optional holiday resort? What DOESN'T happen?
Take a look at my first impressions of River Island.. so good I
bought the company.. well.. maybe not quite.
If you're really keen, then don't forget to look at their official web site:

Why do people wear clothes in the first place?
Here's some possible reasons why...

Nudism as a Minority Group
A summary of the pros and cons of leaving your clothes behind,
exploring various resorts, clubs and options available in our modern
world for clothing optional living.

The extremes of Nudism
All right.. let's get it in the picture right now.. how far will these crazy
nude people go? and is it possible to be conservative and nude at the same time??

The Human Awareness Institute
Clothing optional relationship workshops - Another alternative view to
the possibilities of clothes optional human existence.
The Human Awareness institute also have an official website at:

Children and Nudism
Paedophilia, Voyeurism, Sexual devience. So how does Nudism
avoid all these things? Simple.. It doesn't have to because funnily enough, it's not a problem.

Young Adults and Nudism
And then they grow up.. and what happens? Why are there so few
young adults at our nudist venues?

The Single Male Arguement
Why are there always more males than females in nudist clubs?
And why is so much animocity shown towards single males by some couples?

Marriage Relationships in Nudism
So.. with all that temptation.. how do couples remain.. umm... couples?
Maybe love's got something to do with it.

Nudism Vs Naturism
So.. what really IS the difference, eh?...

The Exhibitionist Arguement
Explores the concern over our motives for going without clothes.

Nudism Etiquette
What to do.. and what not to do..

Sexual Relationships
The sex switch and the fear of losing control.

Nudism and Erections
The obvious question.. and the obvious answer.. who cares?

Nudism as a cure for Pornography Addiction

Does it really work? Can there be such a thing as porn in a world of no clothing?

Christianity and Nudism (NEW 11/00)
So.. what will the Revrend think? Are all nudists doomed to go to hell?