The single male argument

Nothing is perfect, and every community has it's little nagging historical problems. For nudism, this manifests itself in a discrimination against single males. Many traditional nudism clubs shy away from (or even outright refuse) membership of males unless they also have a female accompanying them. Many nudist resorts, aswell as the free beaches (of course) don't have this discrimination which ( as a result of being locked out elsewhere) can lead to an excess of males. It's a long known fact that as a general rule, there are always more males than females in nudism - a fact which often delights some single females!

Many textiles, upon discovering this peculiarity, may see the reasons as sexual - but this is rarely so. The primary reason why many traditionals limit single male participants is to ensure a more or less equal male to female ratio in the (often very small) communities. A lonely single can often feel left out in a nudist environment where couples often freely show affection for each other through touch. Couples sometimes feel that other couples can understand this whereas singles become agitated by the fact that they are missing out on an equal amount of attention. This phenomenon of course is also common in textile communities - however the effects are magnified in Nudism where the obvious confusion between nudity and sex still abounds.

Interestingly enough the heavy imbalance of males to females does not extend into the clothing optional Human Awareness Institute workshops. This is perhaps because nudity is but a part of the HAI workshops which deal more specifically with human relationships.

The main question is always "why are there more male nudists than females?"

Some of the reasons given are;

  1. Males are often more exhibitionistic than females in the human species.
  2. Males often feel more comfortable nude than do females merely due to the anatomy - the male testicles were designed specifically to be ventilated and be cooler than the rest of the body.
  3. Likewise, Female anatomy doesn't lend itself well to social nudism with proliferation of periods, tampons etc, which some females (wrongly) feel ashamed about. This is a major barrier to "single females" trying Nudism, as distinct from a coupled female who is likely to feel encouraged and comforted by the understanding of their partner.
  4. Where there is an excess of males, females supposedly can feel insecure - although research shows this is usually not a concern in nudist communities.

The "single male problem" affects several, distinctly different types of person;

  1. The genuine "Single Male" who may or may not be looking for a partner. More often they are looking simply for love and acceptance, which is far more likely to be found in the nudist community than at the local pub or club!
  2. A married male who'se female partner is not a nudist. Such a person is still "locked out" even though they are married. In order to qualify as a couple in many nudist venues, both partners must be present. In some cases nudity is required (more later on this.).
  3. People in same sex relationships, particularly male-male. Most traditional nudist clubs will not recognise this relationship.

The moral irony with (ii) above is that in many cases a married male (with unwilling wife) will often find acceptance in a traditional club if he turns up with another female to which he is not sexually related - leaving his own wife at home! The single male problem only seems to be relevant at the front gate - leading some textiles to dub many nudist club sites as "Noah's Arks" - where admittance is only available to those who enter "two by two..".

Study of the nudist single male problem need go no further than the personal ad pages of our popular nudist publications. Out of a sample of 30 different issues of Australian Sun & Health, there were more than 150 males searching for females and only two females searching for males!

Of course the problem is rather harder to solve than study, however the rise of popular nudist resorts (which may be more concerned about the credit rating of their customers instead of their sex) has led to the establishment of many nudist venues where single males are now welcome. The problems of singleness and loneliness Nudism cannot in itself solve, however it is an excellent halfway point in that it teaches us to accept ourselves and others for what we are, and demonstrate that there are levels of intimacy between humans which are possible without sex. We have then only to go one step further to discover how to give and receive love in these environments whilst still keeping sex out of the equation.