The exhibitionist Argument

Is social nudity exhibitionism? This is another argument which rages on and on. There are of course some pivotal questions to ask;

a.) Is nudism exhibitionism?

Many argue that social nudity is not exhibitionism because all there present are of like mind and have consented to the nudity (even if everyone isn't nude). The argument is that there's nothing to exhibit, and amongst nudists this may be true. However take this situation out of a nudist environment and place it in, say, a local club or public fun run... and the question is again posed: Why are you NOT wearing clothes?

The nudist's reply is almost universally another question: "Why ARE you wearing clothes?". This is because to a Nudist, unclad bodies are the norm and clothed ones are unusual. Using this logic it can well be said that all textiles are exhibitionists! So you see it's really a clash of cultures, not values.

As for the argument.. which person (the nudist or the textile) has modified their own appearance? Obviously the textile! (we're all born nude). So it would be easy to conclude that all clothes are costumes and that all textiles are exhibitionists on the "world stage". It can also be argued that the mere lack of clothing on a human body is not in itself, a costume. So the Nudists win...

But place a few nudists in a crowd of textiles (who may not necessarily share the same views or consent to them not wearing clothes) and it's clearly the Nudists who stand out as the exhibitionists, and so the Textiles win....

b.) Is Exhibitionism necessarily a bad thing anyway?

The world famous Australian "Tall Poppy" syndrome dictates that exhibitionism doesn't sit well in traditional Australian culture. The pressure is on to "humiliate" anyone who "stands out". By the argument above this means that textiles at a nudist resort are in for a hard time (which in reality isn't the case) and that nudists in the Sun City to Surf are also in for "Humilising" by the surrounding textiles. (which of course hasn't been tried yet, maybe because this event is run in the middle of Winter!!)

But in the event that a nudist IS branded as an "exhibitionist".. is this a problem? The superior self esteem which results from nudism is more than likely to account for a wish by some nudists to stand tall and proud amongst a group of insecure textiles! So is this a problem? Of course many would answer "YES". But in reality very few people care.

There is no doubt that when living amongst a textile society, nudism carries with it an element of exhibitionism. For many nudists this is an enjoyable aspect. To watch the textiles squirm amongst themselves as us Nudists diligently go about our lives without clothes is good fun.. it's something we can do that they cannot (well they can, but only if they deal with themselves first..) To be totally nude at Australia's beach carnivals (which are attended by many textiles) and not care about bending over, doing the splits or rock climbing, brings with it a childlike "tongue out, fingers up" attitude to Textile society. And yes, that's exhibitionism. But not because we may want someone to gaze at our body.. but because we choose to "exhibit" their own lack of courage to do the same. In the end of course, it's an individual choice.