Written by Paul Matthews
September 2000
It seems I dealt with these issues ages ago.. but it's amazing how many people still have hangups about religion and nudity. My best guess is that the animocity stems from connection with nudity and sex, and then subsequently some belief in Christian circles that sex is somehow a sin, etc.  If you want to know more there is an absolute wealth of information on the 'net about Christian Nudism, so I'll drip you a  link later aswell. Anyway, for the moment let's imagine that the Christian logic construct that condemns public nudity goes something like this;

1.) The Wages of Sin is Death.
2.) Jesus died for our sins, so Death no longer has any dominion over us.
3.) Because we love him, we want to do what Jesus wants us to do.
4.) To find out what pleases God, we look to the Bible to work out how to live.
5.) There are some verses in the bible which clearly state that "God hates Divorce".
6.) As a result some people conclude that to divorce is a sin.
7.) Divorce can be seen to be "caused" when a Husband or Wife is "tempted", leading to "betrayal".
8.) A definition of "betrayal" in a marriage relationship could be having sex with someone other than your partner.
9.) Standard Western culture dictates that Nudity and Sex are related.
10.) Therefore to see anyone other than your partner nude is effectively having "sex" with them.
11.) Likewise to let anyone see you nude is inviting them to have sex with you.
12.) And as we've seen, "Sex" in this context is betrayal.
13.) And Betrayal is Divorce, or at least related to it.
14.) And Divorce is a sin, supposedly.
15.) And so, using this crazy word mathematics, in many Christian circles Nudity is a Sin.

Now let's take a "blow by blow" look at how rediculously stupid all this stuff is, shall we?;

1.) Yes, the Wages of sin IS death. Next time you get the chance, speak to your pastor
     and ask them just what they think "sin" is. Or better still, grab a bible (a good one,
     like one of those ones with topics and linked subjects etc) and study for yourself.
2.) Jesus DID die for our sins! That means they're no longer our problem anyway! But of course we should
     still be concerned as since He did so much for us, the last thing we want to do is slap him in the face by
     going off and sinning some more!
3.) Yes, we do want to do what He wants us to. After all, it's so much better having Him in charge!
4.) Seems like in the Nudity Vs Christianity arguement, somebody, somewhere has forgotten this one..
5.) YES God DOES Hate Divorce. But just what IS Divorce?
     Most language scholars and marriage counsellors alike will agree that the seeds of divorce are laid
     when a plan is hatched in somebody's mind to deliberately DECEIVE their partner - to keep something
     from them.. to in effect, LIE to them. Most divorce affected people will attest to the fact that the true hurt, pain
     and heartache in a divorce comes from knowing that your partner set out to decieve you deliberately. Few ever
     bring sex into the issue. For many, it's just the thought of betrayal that causes the damage, not the act itself
     which may or may not have even happened.
6.) So in this accurate definition then, it is the DECEPTION - the LIES, the deliberate attempt to hurt and damage
     (instead of love) the partner which is the sin. Whether or not they slept or had sex with anyone else seems
     to be a very minor issue in the divorce courts. (Don't believe me? Get off your butt and go along to your local
     court and listen!!). So here is our first mistake. Divorce does NOT necessarily equal Sin. But the motive for
     Divorce does.. i.e. to put one's own self as being more important than something God has joined together,
     and then deliberately plot to break that very same sacred relationship apart.
7.) I cannot "Cause" the divorce of another couple. Nor can you. The only people with the power to decieve their
     partner is the other partner. God has given us all free will and choice to tell the truth or to lie.
8.) Therefore "Betrayal" is not the act of having sex with someone other than your partner. BETRAYAL is the
     act of not being honest and asking your partner for permission first!... (and let's face it.. who does that??)
9.) Sex and Nudity need NOT be related. It's all in our minds. I think other pages on this website discuss that one enough.
10.) I think in light of what we've discussed here, the notion that to see anyone nude is to "have sex with them", is quite
      simply ridiculous. We could use God's entire creation (the complete animal and plant kingdom basic design, and
      the fact that sexual reproduction is such a basic part of it) as a basis for a thesis on this, but honestly we really
      don't have the time. If you do, then please, be my guest!
11.) The mere suggestion that I could be responsible for somebody else's sin is quite ludicrous, and has absolutely
      no biblical basis whatsoever.
12.) "Sex" is not Betrayal. Deception is Betrayal. Deception in sexual issues is also Betrayal. But sex need not
      (and rarely is) involved.
13.) Betrayal (without reconciliation) can lead to divorce yes.. but as we've seen above, the sin is the act of deciding
      to deceive. We don't need to have an affair in order to betray our partner. All we have to do is lie to them. That
      could be something as simple as saying we love them when really in our heart, we don't.
14.) Deception is the sin. By the time it gets to betrayal and divorce, it's likely the damage was done years before
      the "final act".
15.) Nudity is not Sin. There is more evidence to suggest the opposite is true, i.e. to be clothed is to sin.. after all
      when we put on clothes we are effectively deceiving others around us to believe we look like something else.
      As usual (in all matters involving Jesus and God) the opposite is always true. This "Nudity is Sinful" stuff is
      straight out of the Book of the Pharisees.

So there you have it. So the next time you're working hard at your local church's working bee and remove your shirt,
and someone becomes offended, relax in the knowlege of knowing who'se right and who'se lying to whom. Use some
discretion though, as you may quickly find yourself "out on a limb" if you buck the system too much. Remember it
is an honour to help others, and if there are other people present who prefer it if you wear clothes, honour them
by complying with their request. But only if they ask!

OK so now if you want to know more you should do two things;

Read your Bible. Start with the Gospels, and read each chapter specifically referring to anything
     you think might be relevant to the Christianity Vs Nudism arguement. Get it from the horses' mouth,
     don't believe what the preachers' say, because as we've seen it's likely to be a little culturally tainted.

2.) Visit
CHEEF'S CHRISTIAN NUDISM PAGES. Here you can find lists of the relevant verses and the arguements.
     Essential reading.

3.) Studying this topic is dangerous if you value your traditional values.. because the more you study
     the more you will find how upside down our world is compared to the way God wants things to be.
     Before long you'll find your way to the dreaded Liberated Christian's site, where it seems anything goes.
     Personally I'm not quite ready yet to accept compulsory polyamory parties in the church foyer, but after doing
     the HAI workshops and continuing to study the bible on these issues....Hmmmmm. One thing is for
     sure.... the establishment has it very, very wrong...

Happy Christian Nudismmmm.. ing!