Sexual Relationships

The unclad body as a sex switch

You've possibly already seen various references in these texts to "the sex switch". This phenomenon is bestowed upon us as part of our textile upbringing. But it was not intended to be that way.

Somewhere in our mid- childhood we are taught about the need to put on clothes to cover up our supposed "private parts" - regions of the body we "shoudn't expose" and (depending on your upbringing) "shouldn't touch". By our teens we are so used to seeing everyone _not_ nude that when this idea of sex is thrust upon us, a mystery develops. Sex involves something that goes on "down there". But we don't know what it is. High school PD classes attempt to teach us what it's all for but it doesn't deal with the feelings involved with a mystery. Now, we're told that mucking about "down there" is a "cool" thing to do as long as mummy / daddy / the establishment / whatever... doesn't catch you.

Our entire textile fashion industry (especially swimwear) plays upon this mystery - making us want more and more when in fact there's nothing to see in the first place. Skimpy bathing costumes covering penises and vaginas dare us to peek inside (and as Pink Floyd put aptly: "Pick her locks"..) at something we're not allowed to look at or touch.

What a load of old bollocks.

Sex has nothing to do with mystery and daring. It has everything to do with love, passion and procreation. What has happened is that in our teenage years we have allowed nudity (the mere lack of clothing) to become the "switch" that leads us to sexual thoughts and activity. Hence the use of the term "Nudity as a sex switch"; The textiles say if you're nude, you must want to be sexual. Simple : Take clothes off; have sex. Put clothes on; no sex. Logic which (for the west) has it's roots in and around the early '300s when everyone was trying desperately to find a nice simple alternative which would keep the Pope (and thus supposedly, God) happy whilst still allow them to continue a life of sinful fornication and adultery.

Of course this doesn't work! How many people do YOU know who seem to have sex on their minds almost 24 hours per day? How many billions are spent on pornography every week? How many others spend a fortune on "potency clinics" and "Viagra" because when their partner does take their clothes off, it's time for a yawn?

The facts speak for themselves : NUDITY AS A SEX SWITCH DOES NOT WORK !!

And nowhere is this more obviously true than in Nudism...

The fear of losing control:

Many a textiles' fear of nudism is based in their belief that nudity is a sex switch, and that being nude with other people is an invitation for them to have sex with you, or vice versa. (i.e no switch = continuous sex. ) Fear of erections, "unclean thoughts" and a thousand other deadly sins abound. These people quickly find that they're wrong, usually in the first 15 minutes of their first nudist encounter.

But the fix is often not permanent, and it often takes many "nudist experiences" to finally convince yourself that nudity is not a sex switch.

Of course some folk don't even get this far. After realising that they're going to lose nudity as a sex switch, they're petrified at the potential consequences.. no switch = no sex at all! Horror of horrors! "Oh No! I'll actually have to form a loving and meaningful relationship with my partner in order to get any sex!!" ..and so on...Well.. you'd be right. Without Nudity as a sex switch, there's only love and intimacy which can be used to bring on sex. You actually have to love your partner, not just pay them another $50 for a one night stand. Tough luck for the oldest profession in the world..

Of course the textile and pornography industries hate this idea. They want you to continue in belief that to be nude is to invite sex. So it's a small wonder they're not too happy about the nudist community and it's values which totally contradict everything our western culture teaches us about nudity and sex.

So what do Nudist's use instead of "seductively removed lingerie"?? Most nudist couples use good old fashioned love, and an intimate involvement between eachother which sets the points at which sex starts. Every other species on Earth has no problems with it. Neither should we. For many, Nudism is the first step towards new depth and meaning in their sexual relationship. For singles in particular it provides relief and solace in the fact that they now know what to look for, and they've got a better chance of it lasting when it finally happens.