"Why would you want to take all your clothes off and walk around naked?"

Well for a start, I have never actually seen anyone walking around naked. Nude people usually walk straight, in an attempt to get where they want to go. That destination might be the kitchen, the spa or the beach. At other times they stand, sit chat, eat.. In fact they usually do just the same thing clothed people do, except they haven't got clothes on. But rarely.. very rarely do they walk "around".

To a Nudist the equation is reversed. To be nude is normal, the way humans were designed and built to be. To put on clothes is unusual, unless they are needed to protect against the cold or an adverse work environment. If this seems bizarre, it's because you're probably a Textile (the term used by nudists to describe people who are "not nudists"). A "Textile" is described as anyone who sees clothing as having more than a protective role - someone who believes (for one reason or another) that it is necessary to wear clothes.

As young children our culture conditions us to accept that clothes must be worn all the time, especially over certain parts of the body. A Nudist is a person who has challenged that cultural error and won. A textile is a person who has either decided not to, or has not considered the facts and arguements for and against changing their point of view.

Being nude is not going to solve the world's problems tomorrow. For many people it isn't an issue. Certainly there are some society problems which would probably be easier to control if everyone was nude.

This web page has been designed to prompt questions, and answer them. What you do with that information is your choice!