My Own Experience

My own path to Nudism was a long and complicated one. I have been an active "born again" Christian since 4th July 1982 back when I was at school. Like most others my age back then I participated in "sex play" with my friends at school (and don't anyone try to deny that it happens to everyone because it does). Unlike my peers who were interested in nothing but sex an beer, I had only one interest - anything electrical. My life was built around a plan. I knew what I wanted to do. I knew how to get there. And it didn't involve sex. So I remained single throughout the rest of my school, college and early working life. By 1994 I had made it - I had all the qualifications I wanted. I was self employed in the job of my dreams, financially secure (well, sort of) and ready for anything.. but bored.

Over the intervening years since school I had become trapped in a world of soft pornography, which I used to assist masturbation. There was no reason to believe this was a problem. I believed that all the while it didn't involve other people, it was comfortably safe. I was wrong.

It affected ME. I became a voyeur. My first curious visit to a nudist beach area was innocent enough - but the guilt built up. Now it was obvious that I had affected other people, after all the beach had other - nude - people on it. For about four years the guilt remained. I was confused at my apparent desire for male nude bodies over female ones. Was I gay? Where on earth did this leave my relationship with God? What a mess!

The time came for some serious research. All the while I was discovering at home the delights of not having to wear clothing. I began to comb both the bible and the internet for answers - and got them. It is interesting to note a this stage that I made contact with the Nudist world though searching Gay Nudism pages - because at the time I thought I may have been gay myself. The theory made sense, but the practical in my mind didn't. However my final introduction to Nudism ocurred for all the wrong reasons. Yes I was still a voyeur. Yes I still couldn't work out in my mind the difference between sex and nudity. That is until I tried Nudism for myself at River Island Nature Retreat in July 1998 (the middle of winter!!).

The change was immediate and hard hitting, as my family will tesify. Suddenly I understood that nudity and sex were not related, and nudity was not meant to be a switch to arouse sex. My desire for soft porn evaporated immediately, as did my apparent desire for the male body over females. Overnight. Never ever to return to this day. The conflict was over, the guilt gone.

The effect of RINR bought me closer to God than ever before. For the first time ever, I began to use tongues in my personal worship. As I usually do on such radical discoveries I went sort of mad.. predicting I knew the solution to all the world's problems, and it was Nudism. It's taken eight months to settle down.

For economic reasons I purchased an onsite cabin at RINR (hiring vans became very expensive). And here I type.