Nudism and Erections

A common fear amongst first timer males is that of erections. What will other people think if you have one, what should you think or do if somebody else has one... that sort of thing. Of course the problem is linked to the nudity sex switch and it's logic which tells you that when you disrobe on the beach and a few voluptuous young women walk past.. the flag will be hoisted.

Well, there's a good chance that it might be, but a better chance that it won't. In fact, nobody will give a rats ---- about whether or what happens to anyone's penis. Quite a few nudists will try and calm first timers into thinking that erections don't happen in a nudist environment.

Wrong. They do happen, but very rarely. This is because erections are often triggered by all sorts of things apart from sexual excitement. For some, just the mere feeling of nude freedom out of that underpants prison is enough to excite some penises. So be prepared to see the odd erect penis, and be prepared to accept life and enjoy it if your own penis decides to stretch it's legs for a while. At least you won't have to worry about the embarrassment which is sometimes experienced when men wear skimpy swimmers. And what if you DO have an erection, and it IS caused by sexual arousal? Fine. If you're still embarrassed then lie on it, or jump in the water and it'll soon cool off. After your third or fourth social nudity encounter you'll have everything under control, because the effect of the nudity / sex switch will have been countered.