Nudism Vs Naturism

These two words mean exactly the same thing. Comparing them is a bit like comparing socialists with conservatives. Socialists tend to use the word "nudist" whereas conservative types use "naturist".

The conservatives don't like "nudist" because it seems too "in your face" for the textiles who (they perceive) can't handle too much shock in one sitting. "Nude" also sounds a bit like "rude". And conservative are oh-so concerned about what other people think about them - so they use the word "Naturist" instead - preferring to suggest that this is because they prefer to be "as nature intended - without clothing".

The socialists on the other hand object to the idea of having to modify their vocabulary because textiles might be offended and mistake "Nude" for "rude". Instead they choose the freedom to describe themselves as exactly what they are - people who prefer to be nude - hence NUDE-ists. They also object to the supposed "greenie" or "conservationist" overtones that come from being described as a "naturist". While to be a "naturist" might suggest a return to nature (to be at one with the birds and the bees, eat weird fruit and do strange yoga on the grass) the term NUDIST instead refers to any common human doing just what any common human normally does - just doing it without clothes. These might include drinking, smoking and raging into the wee hours at River Island, or running starkers in the Sun City to Surf - activities which would probably not fit comfortably being described as "naturist".

So there you are. Are you a Nudist or a Naturist? Who did you vote for in the last Federal Election? The answer is probably relative.