Nudism as a Minority Group

All societies of humans contain peoples of different beliefs and persuasions. There are many different reasons why people are different. However sometimes it seems that we would all be able to get on better with eachother if we were all the same.

Traditionally we like it when others share our own point of view, and have difficulty in relationships with those who'se ideas and beliefs radically differ from our own. We believe that if we could just "change" the beliefs of others around us, then we could relate better to them. But of course it is impossible to change somebody else, we can only change outself. And the same goes for everyone else. We can present our own point of view, but it is the individual who must study the facts and make up their own minds what they want to believe in.

Therefore we exist in a world of MINORITY GROUPS. The cruel thing is that individually these groups (who might represent around 2% to 3% of a population) don't have much chance of presenting their own argument to others either through a lack of a desire to, or inability to accept other people just the way they are!

Nudism is a classic example of this. It is likely that less than 5% of any western population would consider themselves "nudists", and the amount of those willing to state this fact publicly is likely to be less - possibly less than 1%. But 100% of the population deal with nudity every day in their own way. To make matters worse, minority groups overlap - meaning that individually we might find the "minority group of Nudists" contains people who are also parts of other minority groups.

In respect of Nudity, we could possibly group people as such;

  1. Textiles who condemn the Human Body and do not believe it should be seen at all by anyone other than our lover in a sexual situation.
  2. Textiles who will accept exposure of the body except for genital and excretory (and in the case of females mammary) organs.
  3. Nudists who only ever go nude at home and / or alone and would never admit it to anyone.
  4. The recreational Nudist - who often goes nude at clubs or resorts and perhaps at home, but closely controls the surrounding environment, effectively having one foot in both textile and nudist worlds.
  5. The true blue Nudist, who will go nude at any and every opportunity, but will not necessarily "buck the system" by going nude in public.
  6. The radical Nudist, who would not wear clothes even in Alaska, and who often forces their opinion on others even in public.

Traditionally when counting "the Nudist Movement", groups (d), (e) and (f) are what we're talking about, since it's impossible to determine how big group (c) really is. The boundary between group (b) and (c) is blurred. Probably the best overall way to define a member of the Nudist Movement is simply someone who has the opinion that nudity does not necessarily have anything to do with sex.

The Pros and Cons of Nudism

There are Internet pages with literally thousands of reasons "Why I'm Nude Now". Some of them are valid, many more are not. Truth is, every person has their own reasons why they do the things they do, and it would be difficult to find a minority group with a more diverse belief system than Nudists. Speak to any resort owner and they will quickly explain how radically different their clients are from each other - and this is perhaps the most often touted advantage of Nudism. It is the perfect social leveller - like traffic lights, where both the Ferrari and Datsun driver must stop at the red light unless they want their car written off in an accident.

Settle down in the sand at a Nudist beach and chances are you're alongside both millionaires and the homeless - but you'd never know by looking. The Nudist minority group contains people from every walk of life. The physical reality and honesty of Nudism is usually backed up by a mental and spiritual one - and this is what keeps most people in Nudism. Initially there is curiosity, but soon after relationships build it is impossible to go back and the nudity becomes irrelevant.

The most popular "pros" of Nudism are;

The most often argued "cons" are;

This web page contains many arguments intended to factually address both the pros and cons of Nudism as detailed above. But it only YOU who can address the facts and make up your own mind about what you want in your life. But to those who read these pages in research I say this:

You cannot properly research this subject without trying it yourself.