Top Left : Sashi with good friend Faye
    Camplin - Faye manufactured the
    wedding dress Sashi is wearing.

Top : Glen Mozley and company.

Left : Ken Jones and Company.

Right - Joe Di Georgio.

Bottom Left : Sylvia tackes the
    Food Car..

Bottom : Joan Anderson relaxing
    as the juggernaut rolls on.
Top Left - George Ward. George built
    the extension flat that Sashi and Paul
    now live in at St Marys behind Paul's
    parents' place.

Above : Sashi, Barlow and Maree, now
    changed into more appropriate attire!

Left : Peter Chambers poses alongside
    the Mirrorball in the Band Car. He is
    "Mr Disco" after all..

Below Left : Warren Jackson hams it up

Below Left : Cory Jones.
Below Left : Guo Rui Matthews enjoys C7396 as James waves on.
Below Right : By the time we had left North Sydney however, most of the
          energy was starting to run out!