Left - Paul & Sashi prior to start of tour. Photo - David Johnson.
Above - C7396 contemplates the fuss and action at Cronulla - Photo Ken Jones.
Below - Paul & Sashi with the wedding transport at St Marys - Photo Peter Maljevac.
Above - Cityrail passengers at Clyde Platform can't quite work out just what's going on. An amusing situation that was repeated throughout the system.
Below - Passengers at Central Platform 18 get into the groove as the the Band belts out "Rock & Roll Music" in the train sitting on adjacent Platform 17.
Below Right - Clyde Platform.
Above - The train pulls into Cronulla after having run around the local service. Windows were decorated in plastic streamers which fluttered about. This certainly was not any ordinary train..

Left - The Band belt it out of C3218 on North Sydney platform 2. Only minutes beforehand a local terminating service dumped 300 passengers on the platform making for crowded conditions.. and it wasnt long before everyone got into the feel of the event..

Below - Thumbs up from Jeff Lawson on Clyde Platform.
Above : The train pulls into Milsons Pt Station after an emotional climb up the 'bridge
Left : What this photo doesn't show is that the temperature was about 35 degrees..
         and even hotter inside the train at this point!
Below : St Marys Platform. Sashi and I kept our wedding clothes on until Cronulla for
        photographic reasons. With the hot weather it was a very trying experience
       especially for poor Sashi who was extremely hot inside there...
Below : At Cronulla platform we all took a well earned break to nibble on the hot food and listen to Barlow's vocals echo about the platform before holding a ceremony to cut the cake. Keith (left) did his best to share some embarrasing moments...