Blacktown Relay is a relative newbie amongst SWRFM
events but has quickly risen to become one of the main
outside broadcasts of the year.

It's a long (24 hour) marathon of an event and invariably
presents suitable opportunities for extended lycra
wearing during the many laps of the track walked by
SWRFM staff. This year ws no exception and thanks
to a slightly warmer overnight, most of the event was
walked in various unitards from Mr Lycra's arsenal.

The most popular Relay attire is undoubtedly Gold
Uteman (or at least part of it, pictured left). It's ideally
suited to this task and is always a crowd pleaser.

All these costumes are worn with the standard Bloch
dance belt underneath. Only a brave man would wear anything else.

This image (left) was taken en route at Relay by the Blacktown
Sun newspaper and features on their web site report
of the event. It's typical of what happens when the girls find
something they're otherwise starved of.

But sorry girls it's taken. This one is, anyway.

So all you men out there who want girls, pay close attention
to what this man's wearing and the action he's getting
and change your wardrobe accordingly.

Around 10 years ago the girls would just lunge up and
pinch you on the bum. But they're all so polite nowadays..
now they ask you if they can do it first!
New on display at Relay this year was the Dodec Man costume, this time worn without the otherwise "extreme" garter belt used during the street parades that pulls the suit up tight into my bum crack.

It's still very much appreciated though, mostly by people who can't work out what it is, let alone what it's for.

However unlike during the parades where I just pee in the suit when I need to go, this option simply wasn't available or appropriate for this event which meant I had to keep pulling the thing off every time I went to the bathroom.

Which became increasingly frequent as the morning dragged in as I was drinking alot of fluids. In the end I got fed up with it and took it off altogether!
Of course the other costume new to Relay 2010 was MMPR Blue, which was worn for about 1/2 hour near the end of the event.

This is an extremely difficult piece to wear for this kind of work, although the attention it received proved very beneficial for the station as the colour scheme matches and ulike the earlier costumes, this one is instantly recognisable.

So when morphed into MMPR Blue naturally the audience age steps down a few decades and life consists of posing for photos and shaking hands with the kids meaning it takes a bit longer to get around the track.

But it sure was a relief to get the thing off afterwards!

MMPR Blue, Paul wilesmith,
JOHN, and Greg Ball ham it up for a track lap
at Relay 2010.
Part of the team at relay 2010, with the
camp site almost packed up behind.

Kieran high fives Blue Ranger..

Roll on 2011...