MMPR BLUE at the
This was the first full scale morph of Blue Ranger in the public arena. Designed to commemorate 10 years since the first SWRM parade float - the Metalder Tower - which first featured in 2000.

Pretty stoopid float, basically Blue Ranger climbing around on the top of the tower moving antennas around.

Power Rangers are always a crowd pleaser especially with the kids, even with PR itself approaching it's 20th Anniversary in popular culture and in a decade where cosplay has become almost "mainstream".

This was the first parade I staged with none of my family members present and a dress rehersal for Blacktown Festival 2011.
Sashi isn't the only one who can fluke good buttshots. Stefan Pazur
(the SWR photographer on this parade fluked this one (below)
revealing an unusual angle available in the Metalder Tower..