UTEMAN - 2007
UTEMAN (Short for "Utility Man" is a rip off from a 1970s' TV show called
"Fantastic Journey". Called such because unlike my other performance lycra
getups, "uteman" is designed to be worn doing almost anything, and as such
can be worn as street wear also.
"UTEMAN" was used on both Merrylands and Blacktown festivals in 2007 as part
of the SWRFM "Band on Truck" float with "The Flaming Anvils". The suit actually
consists of a choice of three different bodysuits being silver, gold and blue.
The aim for the festivals was simply to add "WTF" factor, and in bnoth cases
"Uteman" simply followed the truck and acted the complete idiot playing "broom guitar".
Dullards rule. OK?