Many years in planning and development and now finally complete. Full coverage "Cosplay" suits are no laughing matter, and many hands were involved in bringing this one to reality.

Of course "MMPR" stands for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Billy the original Blue Ranger was one of the most commonly known from the exremely popular first series dating from waaay back in 1993.

The helmet is a custom make full fibreglass mould, hand sculpted and painted in 2 pack auto paint. A complete range of fittings including gloves, leather boots, belt and "power morpher" complete the package.

MMPR Blue is planned for extensive use over the next few years in SWRFM service.
The only SWRFM signage normally featured on
MMPR Blue is the standard SWRFM triangle
mounted on the back. Other than this, the
costume is an exact replica of the original one
used on the TV show.

MMPR Blue is more demanding on the shape
of the human inside and my 43yo frame is
only just barely suitable however there were
very few complaints on this day.
Of all full coverage suits in Mr Lycra's arsenal,
MMPR Blue is very demanding. The constraints
of the helmet mean almost complete isolation from
the world outside. MMPR helmets are extremely
tight on the human head with no room whatsoever
for movement and very little breathing space.