at the Merrylands Festival 2008
After an absence of three years Dodec Man returns to the streets in 2008.
The Dodec has been stripped of it's mirror finish and is about halfway through a repaint.
Dodec Man has a new PVC costume to replace the well worn black one that dates back
to 2000.
Of course all the usual buttshots and various angles
are courtesy your expert photographer Sashi Matthews.
Our illustrious 2008 SWRFM team is pictured below. Steve (Centre) is
rumoured to be keen to try on some spandex for the next parade in late May '08.

This year there were problems - I weas almost busting to pee throughout the parade
but couldnt relax enough for anything to come out. As soon as the parade finished
Sashi took this photo (below). Ironically it was the first time I relaxed - and as
the photo was taken I was literally filling the entire suit with an ocean of pee which
shortly afterwards ended up as a river on the road below.
But I'm sure you didn't need to know that.
As usual, a relaxing Lunch in the main
street of Mertylands (this time with 8 m.o.
Kieran looking on) (below)