at the Merrylands Festival 2006
It's been a very long time since Metalder Ranger got an outing, and
with both Dodec and Suit (for "Dodec Man") needing "considerable work",
it was decided this year to go for the hostorical touch and introduce
Merrylands to the Metalder Ranger character - since this location has
not seen this morph previously. Only minor repairs were requires to the 9
year old entity to complete the morph safely.

The theme this year was to add some "WTF" factor to SWRFM's float which
simply consisted of their newly aquired broadcast van being towed along in
the parade - presentiong programming live to air from the moving vehicle (this
is actually a landmark technical achievement only achieved once previously- in

Metalder Ranger's powers were employed to pull the 15 metre float for
the duration of the parade - due to the truck experiencing some overheating
problems with a leaky radiator. Not an "authorised" use of Morphin powers
I'm sure.. but it worked all the same and proved to be a big crowd pleaser
especially with the kids, and (as usual) the older females.

It also proved a hit with some younger females.. particularly Mr Lycra's own
2 year old daughter who is very fluent in all things Morphin (despite only ever
seeing three episodes of Power Rangers).

Included here is one very rare "visorless" photo of Mr Lycra in standby mode,
a newly added feature to this morph entity.

I'm sure there's more to be written in this story book, one day.