A Spandex Clad Suburban Power Ranger
The Sydney Olympics Closing Ceremony
Blacktown Community Radio SWRFM

What do they all have in common?
Or it's official name.. the "Roller DodecaHedron Wheel", one of eight built originally for the Sydney 2000 Closing Ceremony and used during several segments including Vanessa Amorossi and Men at Work. Of the eight built, two have been retained by SOCOG, two have gone to Bendigo for their Easter Parade next year, three have simply fallen apart beyond repair... and this one remains the only working one retained in Sydney.. by the Metalder Ranger. A new suitably daring Ranger Armor is also soon to be available.
Typical of the ordinary craziness of Community Radio. But hey.. it get's em looking!

In the above photo Station member Richard Paynter  (unmorphed) gives Metalder a hand down Alpha Street Blacktown, during the 5th November 2000 "Santas' Arrival" parade.
The SOCOG DODEC can be made available for your event.. if you ask the Metalder very nicely. You can always try.. email zordmaker@hotmail.com