(and his female assistant..)

JUNE 2, 2001

The Blacktown Festival is dangerous ground. Not is it SWRFM's home territory, it's the location for Sydney's largest annual street parade. Perfect for Dodec Man.. you would think.

However as a street parade suitable for dodecahedron rolling, it is a nightmare. It starts and finishes from separate locations, and (worst of all) it has a number of fairly steep inclines both uphill and down. Perhaps the only upside is that it's held in June.. nice and cool compared to other parades where whole buckets of water had to be regularly poured down the neck of Mr Dodec's costume simply to keep him from melting inside the suit.
Safety of the public is a major consideration, as on the steep Blacktown CBD hills, an "out of control" Dodec ploughing into roadside crowds can do plenty of damage and leave the lawyers rubbing their hands in glee. Many special risk reduction measures were required to permit the dodec to be used in the festival.

A special "Brakeman" was on constant duty to block the dodec if required. A team of six "cover personnel" were on hand to assist if required. Oh and of course.. Dodec Man now has a Girlfriend, making the gender balance complete.
So what's it all about really? Backsides! And Dodec Man's now looks quite grand with the addition of the (now correctly tensioned) accessories to ensure that all the onlookers have absolutely no doubt that this exhibit is a human animal.

Don't feel ashamed, all humans have at least one of these, and they all look pretty much the same wrapped in PVC Lycra.

Of course you will remember that Dodec Man is officially an Olympic tradition, having been lifted from his temporary birthplace in the 2000 Olympics Closing Ceremony. How long will this nocturnal creature, which can disappear and not be seen for months on end, last?

Only time will tell. But his estimated lifespand has been calculated by ENIAC to exceed
63 years.
Of course that is only the lifespan of a single Dodec Man. Now all that's changed, because with the introduction of "Dodec Female" it's now possible that creation may be invaded by a litter of thousands of Dodec Kiddies. Still, Dodec Female's perfect size and proportions were carefully specified through use of an exhaustive process, with over  34,000 possible human females being auditioned (and failed) for the part before Sashi Kiran was successful.

But time marches on, and it's unlikely that Dodec Man and Female will make it back to Blacktown next year. Maybe they year after that!