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1980s and 1990s News Reports and Videos
75th Anniversary of Electric Trains in NSW
Media News Report. Media coverage of this event was extremely dissapointing, the three commercials didnt cover the
event at all and the ABC report would have beeter been left off altogether. See what the Media thinks of Reds in the early Noughties..
In 1985, a major event took place involving Sydney's Reds that set the future of these cars. The NSW Govt had just announced the
ambitious Tangara project. The first of these cars would not roll off the the production line until 1988 and it would take five more years
to replace the Red Rattlers. In this video C3424 has suffered a motor fire which injured passengers and caused a media uproar about
the safety of these cars. As a result, the "Redfern Overhaul" program commenced resulting in over 35o rebuilt motors being placed into
service before the trains were finally retired in 1992. In turn these decisions meant Sydney's Reds lasted six years longer in service than
originally intended - which is why there are so many still operable examples remaining today.
Meanwhile in the Heritage Steam world, 3801 has just re - entered preservation service under the watchful eye of David Hill.
Leased to John Gladstonebury's "3801 Limited" (a successful but fairly small and somewhat secretive bunch) for 20 years, everyone thought "oh my gawd.. twenty years is forever.. weve got nothing to worry about". Of course here in 2007 (Twenty years later) we know things are now very different for the Green Loco and it's minders.
3801, restored partially using Bicentennial funding and enmploying Newcastle Apprentices, re entered service with a controversial welded boiler and a steam pressure reduction.
Also in the '80s, a storm had been brewing for quite some time in the far North at Dorrigo. Anyone involved in Heritage Rail
(who was not around or involved 20 years ago) should view this report, done by the ABC's "The Investigators" program into
Keith Jones, the then "Secretary Manager" of the facility. Learn from the mistakes my Railfan friends.
Part 2 of the above report.
"The Reds are Gone" (Part 1). Long respected SETS member Greg Oates produced this video in 1993 as a memory of the demise of the
Red Rattlers on the Sydney System. Whilst the quality does suffer from the technology available to him at the time, in this video Greg shows his
true film making ability which is matched by few others in the rail fan world. He captures the moods and feelings. This video will leave your heart
bleeding esp if you are a spark fan. Inclodes only known footage of "The Claw" cutting up a single deck car at Redfern, and also shots of SETS' successful efforts in the mid '90s to have a set preserved in working order and run it on some tours. Greg's more popular version of this video uses "copyright free" music.. however this original version (Backed by Tommy Emmanuel) is far more dramatic and IMO, the best.
Part 2 of ""The Reds are Gone".
News report of the first "C" set (known as "Chopper" cars on the Sydney system, fore runner of the Tangara) undergoing tests
at Pendle Hill in Western Sydney in the mid '80s.
News Reports - Last Red Rattlers - 12th January 1992
These four reports (one from each of the Sydney networks) show the media angle of the final day of revenue running
of the "Reds" in Sydney.
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Network Seven
Network Nine
Network Ten
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