Power Rangers - The Movie

Produced in Sydney in 1994/95 for Saban Entertainment
by Tengu Productions P/L
Art Director - Colin Gibson

"Power Rangers" was the first large scale film production I had the grace to be involved with, initially more because of my intense love of the show.. than my dire need to be an Art Department Electrician. But fate played it's hand on this one and it effectively spawned the birth of "Artist Electronics".

By the way.. I am still a fan of the show... and if you want to view my world of Power Rangers as it exists on the 'net, then hop to
The Zordmaker. Otherwise scroll on and take a look at some of the most complex Art Department Electrical Cockpits ever produced for film.. here.

Artist Elex mainly provided all the electronic design, purchasing and installation work needed to bring the Zord Cockpits to life. There were five cockpits in total, the largest pictured here being the "Ninja Megazord". In this monster, there were over 70 different state circuits running continuously, including the very complex "checkerboard" displays (pictured left) and the oversize bright "level meter" displays which were driven by circuitry especially developed and built for the task, as nothing else in the world was available.

The project was handled by Paul Matthews, Peter Cunningham and fellow resident  electrician (and  the somewhat ubiquitous) Graham Beatty from LXF

Artist Electronics did NOT do the 240 volt electrics on this film - only the 12, 24, and 48 volt work.


Apart from the Zord Cockpits, Artist Electronics also carried out a large props buying and set dressing project on this film - a 7/8 scale model of Sydney Tower (Pictured Right), known as "Angel Grove Tower" in the film.

Despite trying very hard, the company props buyers had experienced extreme difficulty in acquiring lifelike antennas and fixtures to mimic those atop the real tower.

PA Matthews Audio (which owns Artist Electronics) has extensive contacts in the communications and electronics industry
and was able to put this to use in obtaining the required props and supervising their installation.

A number of special props were also constructed for the project.

Further information on the "Behind the Scenes" aspects of the Sydney MMPR Movie can be accessed through The Zordmaker.