Jim Henson Productions / Nine Film & Television
Season 1 - Fox Studios 1998/99
Production Designer : Ricky Ayres
Season 2 - Homebush Bay 1999/2000
Production Designer : Tim Ferrier

Farscape is a long running Art Dept Electrics - heavy show. Sets originally occupied Stages 3,5 and 7 at Fox Studios in Sydney but were kicked out and relocated to Homebush Bay in August 1999. All sets rely heavily on practical lights.
Our challenge with Farscape is specifically to deliver services in extremely short lead times, often less than 2 hours after the requirements are even known. Budget is very tight on this production, and there has been a great emphasis in reuse of materials wherever possible.

Artist Electronics provided all Art Department Electrical and Electronic services (including many handheld props) for all of Season 1 and a good portion of Season 2, and remain on call to tackle more difficult situations when they arise.

Above : Me in front of "Pilot's Chair", shortly after completing it.
Below left and right : A view of "Moya" the living spacecraft. Moving these sets from Fox to Homebush Bay proved very difficult.
RIGHT : A zord of a very different kind - the Galley set aboard "Moya" where a good deal of the production is set.

Farscape have made extensive use of many industrial locations around Sydney for filming. Old power stations, wheat silos, incinerators, tunnels.. nowhere has been safe from the gaze of the Farscape designers in their relentless task of finding new and interesting locations for filming. Most of these places are transformed into "Peacekeeper Bases" by treatment with easily moved "common PK technology" set pieces and practical lighting.

Artist Electronics has been able to save this production literally thousands of $ by use and reuse of second hand materials, despite the often incredibly short notice given to complete work before it is required for filming. (Often work would be commissioned after 4pm on one day, required to be ready for 7am the following day, making procurement of materials very difficult.) This, plus the extreme budget constraints now imposed on Season 2, make this production one of the most difficult for ArtElex to service.