Programming a Music Time
Music is controlled by Channel C2.
You have to program both an ON and an OFF time for EACH music play.
1.) Use the CIRCLE button to move the MODE arrow to "Prog".
  1. ) Press "C2" button. Display should
  2. appear as per RIGHT.
  1. ) Use "d" button and "Enter" buttons
  2. to select the DAYS you want the music
    to play.
4.) Use "h" and "m" buttons to set START TIME.
5.) Press ENTER.
  1. ) Press "C2" button TWICE. Display
  2. should appear as per RIGHT.
  1. ) Use "d" button and "enter" button to
  2. select the same DAYS you selected
    in Step 3 Above.
8.) Use "h" and "m" buttons to set STOP TIME.
9.) Press ENTER.
  1. ) To enter another music time repeat from
  2. step (2) above, otherwise use CIRCLE button
    to return MODE arrow back to "Auto".