To Check or Delete Times (Both Music and Bell times)
  1. ) Use CIRCLE button to move top arrow to "?".
  2. Display will show as per photo (right).
    Number displayed shows number of
    free memories left in unit.
  1. ) Press either C1 (to check BELL time)
  2. or C2 to check Music time. DAY arrows
    will flash. Use "d" button to select which
    DAY you wish to start checking from.
  1. ) Press ENTER. First time will be displayed.
  2. Press ENTER again and ring duration will display.
    Keep pressing ENTER to scroll though
    times in memory and check them.
  1. ) If you need to DELETE a time, scroll through,
  2. find the time you wish to delete and then press
    "h" and "m" simultaneously to delete.
If you want to delete ALL memories in unit and start
again, press "d" + "h" +"m" buttons simultaneously.
Display will revert to "140" to show that all
memories are free and available for reprograming.
For C2 Music check, first press will show "on" time and
second press will show "off" time.